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Global Vision 2020

Josh Silver
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Date : 1996 -
Place : The places where they need optometrist and eyeglass
Project costs : ★★
Number of paticipants : ★★

Global Vision 2020 is a non-profit organization to provide a clear vision for developing countries. A self-adjusting glass do not need a optometrist to adjust the glass. Furthermore, they have fully trained distributors who could teach how to adjust the glass for those who are using it for the first time.

It is extremely difficult for people in developing countries to get a glass and to have optometrist to adjust it if they have one. Yet, there are millions of people who do not benefit from it. The low vision makes their job slower with not enough production. It eventually results low incomes, low quality of life, lack of chance for employment and general health.
The Global Vision 2020 provides a low cost eye glass with self adjusting system. The silicon oil is filled inside the lenses and a dial is attached on the arms of the glass to adjust the oil based on your vision. They have the result of applying their project into Liberia, where they have a successful result. (