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Green Map

Wendy Brawer
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Date : 1995 -
Place : About 40 nations
Project costs :
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Green Map is a map showing the environment of a town by an icon. And each Green Map is a local project, created by people who live or work in the community.

Green Map is a system developed by an
environmental designer, Mr. Wendy Brawer, who lives in New York. Green Map
shows the environment of a town by an icon.

Each Green Map is a local project, created
by people who live or work in the community.

Capital cities, rural villages, tourist
destinations, watersheds and neighborhoods – these are some of the settings
where successful Green Map projects are based. It’s easy to appreciate the
phenomenal way a Green Map project can bring communities together to chart
practical solutions and address urgent environmental issues. Created by
established organizations, universities and governmental agencies, as well as
newly-formed youth, community and grassroots groups, regional design elements,
narratives and images are often highlighted in our maps.

The Green Mapmaking process is scalable: it
offers citizens of all ages, backgrounds and technological skills a genuine
opportunity to build sustainable communities. Taking cues from more experienced
leaders, Green Mapmakers determine the best way to develop their team and
funding, then research, design and produce their Green Map. Whether published
online or printed as a folding map, painted as a mural, or simply shared on a
bulletin board, each map may be used by thousands of people who discover new
ways of seeing and interacting with their home environment.

Green Map System promotes inclusive
participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking
as our medium.

Open Green Maps – Hundreds more have been
created in classrooms and workshops by youth and adults. Both the mapmaking
process and the resulting Green Maps have tangible effects that.

・Strengthen local-global sustainability

・Expand the demand for healthier, greener

・Help successful initiatives spread to
even more communities

Green Map System has been developed
collaboratively since 1995, and the movement has spread to over 775 cities,
towns and villages in 60 countries.

Each year at least 60 communities respond
to their open invitation to lead local Green Map projects. Each year, the
number of projects to join grows – in 2008, 88 Green Mapmakers got underway.