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Community Cooker

James Archer and Mumo Musuva
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Date : -
Place : Kibera, Nairobi(Kenya)
Project costs :
Number of paticipants : ★★

The Community Cooker is a simple machine and can be built anywhere. The cooker itself is made of welded steel with eight circular hot-plates for cooking located on the top of the stove.
The cooker has two ovens for baking located underneath the hot-plates.
The rubbish is manually fed by the stove operator, according to the number of hot plates being utilized and the level of heat required for cooking a given dish.
The Community Cooker is designed with locally available materials so that repairs, maintenance and operation can easily be carried out by member of the local community.

The Community Cooker has the potential to transform informal settlements and rural villages into resource rich communities. While the Community Cooker is currently designed for cooking and boiling water, there is future potential to use the energy produced for alternative income generating activities such as brick and pottery baking, aluminum smelting or water distillation.