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72 Hour Urban Action

Kerem Halbrecht
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Date : 10/2010 -
Place : Israel Bat-Yam
Project costs :
Number of paticipants :

72 Hour Urban Action is an international rapid architecture and design festival.
It is defined by community needs, an extreme dead line, a tight budget and limited space.
We invite teams, students, designers,architects, artists and craftspeople to respond to community needs and wants in relation to its public spaces. Selected teams have three days and three nights to plan and realize their projects in response to missions assigned randomly on takeoff day. Selected projects will remain on site permanently.
The first 72 Hour Urban Action took place in Bat-Yam, Israel as part of the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism.

Who can apply?
1. Anybody who is interested in urbanism may apply: architects, artists, designers, researchers, planners and residents alike.
2. We accept proposals from both individuals and collectives. You do not have to be a member of a group or organization. 3. We encourage collaborations that form inter-disciplinary teams.

Types of projects
1. Projects that directly refer to the theme defined by the open call.
2. We prefer projects that address the areas for intervention indicated in the open call.
3. We prefer projects that involve local resident participants.
4. The proposal may address one or more urban areas.
5. Urban Action is the key phrase. We are interested in actions that offer alternatives in urban space, rather than objects that can be placed in that space.

Each project will be exhibited in the chosen site for
1. Projects may last for any length of time: as part of the investigation of the relationships between the temporary and the permanent, projects may be short-term activities or lasting structures.
2. The official Biennale event will take place in October 2010, during which the planning, development and production of the past 12 months will be revealed.
3. The development and production of each project will commence from the moment the project selection is announced.
4. Projects planned as temporary actions will be exhibited during the October 2010 event.

Budget for each project
1. Accepted proposals will receive an initial planning and development budget.
2. The initial development budget depends on the nature of the project and may reach up to $2,000.
3. In addition, accepted planners will be asked to submit a detailed budget that will be further discussed by the Biennale team and the Municipality.
4. Each budget will take into consideration the unique needs of the planners, including accommodation and travel expenses if necessary.
5. Final budget distribution will depend on the number of projects chosen, municipal funds designated for each site and on possible collaborations with external bodies.
6. Based on the 2008 Biennale it’s estimated that project budgets
will range between $2,500-$100,000.