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Creo Shoe Concept

Jennifer Rieker
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Date : 2010 -
Place : Germany
Project costs :
Number of paticipants :

A huge heap of rubble is a big problem at the disaster-struck area. At the same time, lack of employment is also an issue. Using this Creo Shoe Concept's idea, it might solve both of the problem.

The user buy a set of materials using the internet. It contains sustainable materials such as vegetable-tanned leather, rubber soles, cushions, shoe laces, and educational booklet to show the origins of material. Then, they would take it to the shoemaker to make your own order-made shoes.
The clothe and shoes still lacks in many shelters. As long as you have the material, the craftsman can make one that fits you perfectly. Instead of waiting for factories to be re-build, the craftsman can make the products and in that way, they will also have a job that uses their skill.