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Design on Wheels

Visual Communication Design students of The Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.
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Date : August 2006 -
Place : Slovakia
Project costs : ★★
Number of paticipants :

Design on Wheels is the project started by Visual Communication Design students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovakia. The students travel around the cities during the summer holidays to provide a creative service to the community.

The desperate need of creativity in Slovakia, let students to make an action to bring the state in better quality. They travel around the cities, and have conversation with people who lives there to find the problems and use their creative minds to solve it. Through the design process, people realize the importance of design and how much it effects the society. Their creative service not only helps the communication among people, but also builds the high quality of community.

The first thing they would do is to provide communication tools such as logo, poster, pamphlet, business card, promotional goods and so one for community center at each town. The unique communication design includes non-formal education, tourism development, volunteer and promotional campaign.

Since they are working on this project during the summer holiday, they have limited time to stay in one town. As soon as they finish one project, they move to another town for next project. They have a mission to visit many town as possible,? to change the quality of design state in higher level.

The Design on Wheels became international in 2009. The countries near Slovakia collaborated to work on the project in each other’s countries. The project became international so that young designers around the world would work together to design for the society. By visiting the place, they have better understanding of the situation and make it useful of their creative skills. It could also be applied to Japan, where Northeastern Japan desperately needs the creative ideas of designers to improve the people’s life style. There is a limitation to think about what we can do, unless we actually visit the place to understand the situation and find a best solution for them.