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Embrace Infant Warmer

Jane Chen
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Date : 2009 -
Place : India
Project costs :
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Embrace Infant Warmer is a product for infants to keep their body temperature warm.
Developing countries cannot afford enough incubator that 4 million babies die each year.
Embrace is an innovative product to save babies and help with their safe growth.

Embrace Infant Warmer costs 1% of incubator and it has two versions of warming system, electric and non-electric hot water heating system. The product looks like a sleeping bag for babies, but it has a pouch inside which will keep the constant body temperature of 35C to 37C. Their mission and vision is
“To empower the disadvantage to improve their lives through disruptive technologies.With the Infant Warmer, we aim to give all infants an equal chance for a healthy life.”


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