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Foundation Rwanda

Jules Shell & Jonathan Togovnik
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Date : July 2008 -
Place : Rwanda
Project costs :
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In the Rwandan Genocide 1994, an estimated 800,000 people were killed, 250,000 to 500,000 women were raped (many of which were infected with HIV) and that rape had led to the births of an estimated 20,000 children. To support these children with education, their mother with medical and psychological support and income generating activities, and raise awareness about the consequences of genocide and sexual violence, this NPO was established.

To sponsor a child, $350 covers education for a year (incl. school fees, books, uniform and transportation).They also offer income generating programs to their mother.Collaborating with bike companies and Starbucks Coffee, Foundation Rwanda achieved to donate 120 special bikes for mothers and their children. This limited edition bicycles are made to withstandAfrican terrain while also requiring minimum maintenance.They are currently sponsoring education for over 550 kids with the goal to sponsor 750 kids in 2011 and 1500 in 2012.


“An estimated 20,000 children were born of rapes committed during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The mother of these children- many of whom contracted the HIV/AIDS virus from those brutal encounters have largely been shunned by their society because of the stigma of rape and rejected by their families. Forced into poverty, they are unable to pay the annual fee for their children to attend secondary school or to provide the necessary uniforms, shoes, books and scholastic materials, and transportation. Currently, there are no governmental or private NGO programs dedicated solely to support and provide funds for education for children born from rape during the genocide. Foundation Rwanda identifies the holistic needs of these families and provides them with the funds and support they desperately need.”


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