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Gum for Diabetes

Ii xin yue, student in Beijing
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Date : 2010 -
Place : Beijing, China
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Gum for diabetes is a chewing gum that measures blood glucose levels, which will lead to the prevention of diabetes. It enables the basic medical checkup and prevention of diabetes by easier, cheaper method.

“Traditional methods of detection of diabetes blood test. After testing, doctors and patients already suffering from diabetes. However, this will lead to many patients, because of the economic time, and often do not see a doctor. In addition, in developing national health policy and the equipment is unable to protect the patients can be free to do blood tests. GUM as a novel diagnostic tool to solve these problems, patients with affordable, easy to use. The most important thing is to avoid the blood test when the traumatic pain. ”
To test the blood glucose level, the patient chew the gum and the test result is measured according to its color. Since it completely eliminates the waiting time at hospital, it is effective for busy urban people. Also, it can be useful in the developing countries where basic medical equipment is not sufficient.


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