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L.E.D. project (Life Light)

Tatsuto Mamiya
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Date : March 12nd, 2011~ - 継続中
Place : Utatsu area, Sanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
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Life Light is a portable, simple LED light which can be easily made by assembling materials that come in a small plastic bag.

Life Light is a portable, simple LED light
which can be easily made by assembling components that come in a small plastic
bag. This easy-to-use light can be helpful in many situations – after an
earthquake, during a power outage, in an emergency situation, or simply to
sooth anxiety and light up a dark room.


Each light is very small, thus it is
possible to send large quantities to disaster stricken areas when necessary.
The light lasts for around 15 hours, and is bright enough to illuminate hands
in the dark. Additionally, with a safety pin attached, people can carry the
light around and always be prepared for a sudden blackout.


Thus far, more than 1500 Life Lights have
been made. 60 were sent to Ishinomaki City in Iwate Prefecture, 380 to the
Utazu area – Sanriku Town in Miyagi Prefecture, 120 to a high school in Iwaki
City, Fukushima Prefecture, 400 to Tanohata Town, Iwate Prefecture, and another
680 were handed to volunteers heading to the disaster areas.


Members of L.E.D. project have also been to
Kesen-numa City in Miyagi Prefecture, as well as Sanriku Town in Iwate
Prefecture, to hand the lights out directly.


L.E.D. project is now extending it’s focus
from providing help for the immediate aftermath, to creating a long term vision
for reconstruction and everyday preparedness in the future (for instance, by
putting Life Light into emergency packs).


A video of how to make the Life Light can
be seen here (in Japanese only, but easily understandable by following visual