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Life In the Slit

Even Tseng in Product design student of Central Academy of Fine Arts
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Date : 2010 -
Place : Taiwan, China
Project costs :
Number of paticipants :

“Slit” might be the key factor when an earthquake occurred. This project focuses on the importance of the slit.

Because many people were trapped in broken buildings when an earthquake occurred, “slits” have a significant meaning.
A strong desk that provides a space under it to hide, which is made by hard wood. The space is wide enough for one person to hide, and this increases percentage of him/her surviving.
The first-aid box can be placed under the desk. The outer box is edible, made of rice cereals, thus this extends possibility of surviving up to 72hours. Also, put drinkable water in a small bag made of edible gelatin, and place it under the desk so that people can drink it when they are under the desk escaping.
At this point, this project might be not easy to carry out, but this approach has possibility of developing further.
Indeed, there was news about the earthquake in Tohoku, saying there were people trapped in collapsed buildings for days, waiting to get rescued. This idea might have positive effect on raising awareness about importance of being prepared for earthquake and developing new types of furniture or equipment.