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Milk for Japan

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Date : 04/2011 -
Place : US and Miyagi Prefecture in Japan
Project costs :
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Milk is a must-have for infants. However, when the earthquake and tsunami struck Tohoku in the March 2011, many areas became unaccessible to clean tap water.
A group of Japanese residents in Finland gathered to send 2000 packages of ready-to-feed formula of liquid milk for families with small babies in Tohoku. Moved by this action, a group of Japanese residents in US also stood up to send liquid milk for the devastated area in Tohoku.

Powder formula baby milk, which is very popular in Japan, cannot be drunk without clean water. Especially this earthquake and tsunami disaster in Tohoku on March 2011, the problem of radiation also increased the anxiety of mothers of infants. Infants get the damage of radiation way harder than adults. Also, the news reported that even water in water storage tank in Tokyo was radiation-polluted, so not only tap water was stopped in the disaster-struck area, tap water was polluted even if it was accessible, and PET bottled water was completely gone from every stores. People were anxious about drinking tap water and getting radiation-polluted, even though they were less affective, than babies or mothers.
With liquid milk for babies, it is easier and faster to feed a baby. And what is more, it is safer than normal powder milk since it does not require water, it is ready-to-feed formula. However, liquid milk is more expensive compared to powder ones and also, it is not popular among Japan. The Milk for Japan collects donation from all over the world and sends liquid milk from US to the disaster-struck area in Tohoku.

“Milk for Japan Mission Statement (as of April 1, 2011):

The Tohoku earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear
fallout have led to disruption of water services and
contamination of tap water in Japan, not just in
the Tohoku area but also in other parts of Japan.

In March 2011, a group of Japanese residents in
Finland have gathered to solicit the cooperation from
Tutteli, FinnAir, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, and
other organizations and sent 2,000 packages of ready-to-feed
formula, of which they were distributed to families with
small children in Miyagi Prefecture.

We have also gathered to send even more ready-to-feed
formula to those affected by the earthquake and
the nuclear accident as tens of thousands of households
are without access to safe water to this date.

We pray for quick establishment of relief operation routes
and the fast recovery of Japan in the aftermath of
the ongoing disaster.

As we have gathered in response to the successes made
by the group in Finland, we hope to work so that other
countries may also follow suit. We will pursue our
campaign by cooperating with other movements found on
other social networking sites such as
Facebook, Mixi and Twitter.

“Milk for Japan” Administrators”

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