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More Trees

Ryuichi Sakamoto
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Date : July 2007 -
Place : Tohoku area in Japan
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More Trees Intermediary Organization was founded by famous Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto, by his call for efforts to create better condition for trees.
With more than 100 advocates from various quarters, its role is to plant more trees together with local community, educate people how trees contribute in maintaining the environment, introduce people about natural energy instead of nuclear power or fuels, proposing the idea of carbon offset to companies, etc.

With cheap wood from oversea, Japan’s rate of self-sufficiency in wood is around 20%. Buying domestic wood is another way they propose for helping Japanese forest and Japanese timber industry.
Not only in Japan, More Trees are planting trees oversea. They are now planting trees in Quirino, Philippines, and they are planning to do the same in tropical forest oversea, desert green oversea and in “sea forest” like mangroves in islands of South Pacific Ocean.
They think of the new ways of using of wood, and they want to waste the least amount of wood. One thing they are doing is to make products out of forest thinnings. They plan, produce and sell those products, and use that money for their next project or planting more trees. This cycle leads to sustainable way of protecting the forest. The products are designed by famous Japanese designers such as Naoto Fukasawa.
They also propose the importance of carbon offset, which is to offset CO2 produced from our daily life by planting trees or using clean energy instead.
For example, ANA, the biggest airline company in Japan offers “ANA carbon offset program” on their website. ( Customers can see how much CO2 emission they have produced by entering place of departure and arrival, and they can purchase their carbon offset, which means cleaning up CO2 that they have used, by themselves. One-way trip from Tokyo to Osaka emits 64kg of CO2- which means 712 yen (about US$8) to offset.