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Navetas Energy Management

Navetas Energy Management
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Date : 09/2008 -
Place : United Kingdom
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Reducing amount of electricity used by families is an important issue when electricity power is limited due to the disaster in the nuclear power plant.
This system helps people see at a glance how they are using their electricity at home. At the same time this also plays a big role in reducing electricity bill and helping environment.

Smart Hub: Not only this Navetas Smart Hub contains all the functions normal smart meter has, this acts as a data collection device, which gathers consumption and status information from utility measuring devices and deliver collected data back to the consumer in a “readily understood format or to provide billing information to the relevant utility”. There is a similar smart meter called Smart Gas Index, which monitors the usage of gas.


Mobile Apps: There is also a mobile phone application for iPhone users, which allows users to see how much electricity they are using at the moment. It also has a function that it sends a message via SMS or Twitter when appliances have been switched on or off; this might be used as a mention to see your relative (especially the aged), living far away or at the temporally housing, is doing well.
“Navetas Energy Management Ltd., an energy management company, delivers services in the fields of energy measurement, energy procurement, and energy conservation for industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. It offers Navetas Zeo Smart Hub, which provides a communications gateway and functional console for electricity, gas, and water metering; and Navetas Zeo Smart Gas Meter, a solution to deliver communications for gas meters through precision fibre optics. The company also offers commercial management, technology and design services, project management, and systems and services.

Navetas Energy Management Ltd. was formerly known as Navetas New Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Navetas Energy Management Ltd. in September 2008. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Woodbridge, the United Kingdom.”
Navetas Energy Management, Brunch Base, July 2010,