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Power Generating Floor

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Date : January 2009 -
Place : Enoshima Aquarium in Kanagawa, Japan
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Blackout and less amount of electricity supply are still a big problem among all northeastern Japan, even 4 months after the earthquake and tsunami disaster of May 11. Especially in the disaster-struck area of Tohoku, it was crucial to have no power supply in the evacuation center, since it was in the middle of winter and temperature was very low and the night was long. This new type of power generation uses the energy made from people walking on a tile-shaped power generation system.

Power generating floor uses energy of people stepping on it. When people step on the tile-shaped floor, it sinks about approximately 5mm, and it converts the kinetic energy to electricity. The tile-shaped floor can be connected to LED light bulbs to glow when it is stepped. Since it does not require other equipment and it works only by itself, its energy is very clean and eco-friendly.This power generating floor is now used only practically in business buildings, stations, or theme parks.
It will be very effective when introduced at the evacuation center.The power made from people stepping on the floor is still very small now, but when this system is improved, hopefully enough electricity can be produced to charge mobile phones, etc. An competition to come up with effective ways to use this power generating floor in the evacuation center might catch investors’ attention, which will allow the system to develop more speedily with help pf sponsors.
“This technology received an award at the fourth-Annual Idea to Peoduct (I2P) Global Competition, which features early-stage technologies seeking commercialization, held November 10-11, 2006 at the University of Texas at Austin, U.S. It attracted participants’ attention and received sponsorship offers.”
There is also a similar power generating floor system in UK called “Pavegen” (
In London, as a preparation for upcoming 2012 London Olympic, the city is planning to install 16,000 of this Pavegens.


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