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Q Drum

Piet Hendrikse
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Date : 1993 -
Place : Johannesburg, South Africa
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The clean water is the most basic needs for human to live, yet many of children in developing countries are not supplied enough or even the safe water. Especially, it is a woman and children's job to carry the heavy water tank for miles in Africa. The Q Drum not only solve these problems but also improves the quality of life.

Since it is a women and children’s job to carry the water tank, they had to carry it by putting the heavy tank on their back. The reliable source of water is usually miles away from their home. Therefore, they have to walk for miles while having the water tank on their head and back. It causes neck and back injuries for both women and children.
Q Drum is a doughnut shaped plastic container with a hole in the middle. So, the rope is tied through the hole, and carry the tank by pulling it. This plastic container holds up to 50 liters of water, yet it ease the burden of carrying it since they only have to pull it.Unfortunately, the Q Drum is unaffordable for most people in Africa. The support of international donations and non-governmental organization are needed to improve their quality of life.