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Save Sanriku Oysters

iLink Inc. CEO Hiroaki Saito
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Date : March 2011 -
Place : Sanriku, Japan
Project costs :
Number of paticipants :

Because of the past earthquake and tsunami, oyster aquaculture system was severely damaged. Miyagi prefecture of Sanriku ships most of baby oysters to oyster farmers all around Japan, so the effect was not only limited to Sanriku. This project helps rebuild the oyster industry in Sanriku by buying them beforehand.

Customers order oysters by using internet or fax. By ordering, customers become “owners”, and the price is 10,000 JPN yen for 20 oysters.

Using the money, oyster farmers can buy what they need, such as? oyster beds, ships, and other equipments.

Oyster farmers can eventually start their work again and produce oysters. They can make their lives by oyster aquaculture again as they did before the earthquake and? tsunami.

It might take more than 5 years to finally receive the oysters that customers purchased, but it will be a great help for oyster farmers and the oyster industry.

As of June 19th, 2011, there are 15,513 owners. 1,000,000 owners are needed in order to actualize oyster aquaculture? reconstruction. Of course it is very important to make a donation to Japanese Red Cross or other instutitutes, but this is an essential way to clearly see what you are really helping out and how your money is being used.? There are more detailed information in English on the website sited.

(Sanriku is a region of Japan on the northeastern side of the island of Honshu, corresponding to today’s Aomori, Iwate and Miyagi prefecture.)