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Malin Grummas
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Date : 2006 -
Place : Sweden
Project costs :
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It is said that children tend to not show their inner sadness or pain about their experience of the disaster. Therefore, parents or teachers think he/she is capable of it. This tool has two functions; as a camera and as a projector. This tool makes communication between a child and parents easier, and eventually ables to see what he/she is feeling inside.

SeeMe is designed to fit a child’s eye and it can be used by one hand. It is also very simple to use, as it is designed for a child. Children cannot remember what happened in a day, so SeeMe can help them with this; when their parents ask him/her about it their day.
What is more, SeeMe also has a function as a projector. This means that it does not require any computers or electricity, which are usually unaccessible in the disaster-struck area. The need of computer makes users feel inconvenient and keeps them away from using, but SeeMe eliminated the process of connecting to the computer.
By using SeeMe, parents or teachers can have easy access to the children’s memory. What they see or get interested are very important source, sometimes more important than what they speak.This is still a prototype.
“The camera holds fifty pictures, when full it erases the first taken picture and replaces it with the new. This is a feature chosen to eliminate unwanted spreading of pictures and to make the usage as easy as possible for small children.”


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