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Learning Landscape

Project L Design: Emily Pilloton, Matthew Miller
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Date : April 2009 -
Place : USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uganda,Tanzania, and Dominican Republic
Project costs :
Number of paticipants :

The Learning Landscape is a educational project for children to learn through the physical activity. The learning games are posted on the websites, and it will help children to learn compulsory subject, gain leadership and social skills.

The project uses the playground with the half-buried tires and chalks to write on. It is just like having a normal class with activities to move, run, speak, and play with the classmates to answer the questions written on the tires. So, the children learn the subjects through the play with fun and will be easier for them to understand the subject better without stress.

Any subjects could be used for the learning activities. The variety of game methods are posted on the website for teachers to find a suitable activity for his or her class and they could also change the game or discover the new one.

Instead of sitting on the chairs and just listening to what teachers say, the learning process through the activity could become a great experience for both the teachers and children. Especially in Japan, the learning system is more strict compare to U.S., that Japan could be the most suitable place for this project.