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Tulip Siphon Water Filter

Klaas van der Ven (the Netherlands)
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Date : 2008 -
Place : Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Haiti
Project costs : ★★★
Number of paticipants : ★★★

It is said that 60% of our body is consisted of water. It is something we definitely need to stay alive, and we drink and use water certainly everyday. However, clean water is not accessible in poor areas. People use and drink dirty water, thus affected by many diseases that comes along. Especially for infants or kids, clean water is a must-have. Many of them dies because of unsafe water and bad hygiene of water system. This Tulip Siphon Water Filter, product of Dutch company called Tulip, is an efficient and innovative water filter for families in developing countries.

Place the container of contaminated water about 70cm higher than the container for storage of filtered clean water. (The container for storage of filtered clean water should have a covering rid, and dirty hands or cups should not be inserted.)
Next, place the Tulip Siphon Water Filter. Place the filter element in the contaminated water and another end, tap part, in the empty container.
Start the siphon action by squeezing the rubber bulb.
Just by these few steps, plus cleaning of the filter for may be once in few weeks, clean water is automatically made, from contaminated water.

“The Tulip filter has been tested by the “Waterlaboratorium Noord”, a Dutch international certified laboratory. It was found that even after passing 7000 liters the filter still removed E. Coli by more than 99.99%. ?Other laboratories in India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Vietnam confirmed an excellent bacteria removal.”

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