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Woolen Soap

Oloop Design
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Place : Slovenia
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Oloop is the group of product designers who use a nature source and get inspiration from it to create a unique designs. Woolen soap is a handmade felted woolen soap which designed by Oloop with collaboration of Tanja Zorn G. and Elena Fajt.

Oloop combined the traditional way of handcraft technique and applied their design style to create a modern lifestyle product. The woolen soap is made up of 20% of natural wool and 80% of soap, which allows the gentle touch for body skin. It is also suitable for children and adult who has a sensitive skin.To use it, moisture the soap with water and make a foam with hands. Wash away the foam with water to dry it out after using it.


The designers created a unique design using the wool to decorate the soap. So, it can be used for gifts or for decoration to enjoy. This different ways in using it, enriches everyday routine of using the soap. The woolen soap is available at stores in Slovenia and orders can be made through the e-mail on the website.


Oloop design uses natural source with handcraft technique to produce a modern lifestyle products. On the website, you can find many products based on unique ideas and thus provide a little bit of luxurious moment in everyday life. These products not only used as a decoration but also always practical. In northeastern Japan, there are many people who has transitional craftsmanship and the designers can collaborate with them to create a unique products. So in that way, their transitional skill is not left un-use and leads to the activation of local area.